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7 years after the early days of the FIA Formula 4 category and our first generation Formula 4 reveal, Mygale has presented its Formula 4 Generation 2 during the FIA Conference 2021. The single-seater, designed with the same energy and devotion we use to develop open-market racecars, get major upgrades on performance and safety. The second generation of Formula 4 will enter championships worldwide starting 2022.

Our new Formula 4 Generation 2 is equipped with an Alpine engine prepared by Oreca, as well as a brand new turbo. The complete package allows for a significant gain in performance. The M21-F4 is now equipped with a Safety Halo, a full-carbon bodywork, and many more driver safety oriented evolutions.


At latest FIA standards: front and rear impact absorbing structures, new front and side anti-intrusion panels, safety halo, roll hoop, extractible seat, gap filler foam from seat to monocoque, head restraint, 2 wheel tether cables per wheel, fire extinguisher, collapsible steering column, ADR at the latest FIA norms)

  • FIA homologated carbon monocoque

  • Full length anti intrusion side panels next to the driver and fuel tank

  • New standards for accommodation of a large range of driver sizes


  • New SADEV gearbox with improved gear profiles

  • Full shift 1 – N and N- Rev

  • ECU controlled electrical gearshift


  • 4 cylinder engines homologated for FIA F4

  • Power ranging from 160hp to 180hp according to the FIA regulatory power-weight formula

  • Single element front wing adjustable by shims, new lighter end plates.

  • New inclined rear end plates with rain lights. Upper wing with fishplate adjustment.


  • Front and rear : double wishbones with pushrods

  • Bump and rebound adjustable dampers

  • New front anti roll bar mounted inside monocoque, revised rear anti roll bar mounted on bellhousing

  • New monoblock machined motorsport 4 piston caliper front and rear

  • New ventilated floating disc with aluminium bell

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